Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Female Scaup at Watermead C.P. Birstall, Hooray!

After receiving a quick phone call from John Hague at around 11.30am in the morning to inform me about a female Scaup down at Birstall, which Andrew Cliff had found the previous day.
I rushed down to the site as I had to be at work at the General Hospital by 1.00pm.
Parking at the Meadow Lane Car Park,I walked down towards to the Key Lakes,and started to scan the first lake on the right, which upon the first bird I saw was a female Scaup!
I phoned John straight away and let him know that the bird was showing very well, which he would try and get to see it after he had finished work.
I took a couple of record shots of the bird, and then went straight to work.
Thinking about the sighting,looking back at my records in the Soar Valley area,I think this bird was my fourth Scaup in the area over the last fifteen years, and a nice year tick to boot!
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