Thursday, 13 March 2008

The week that was? Parking Nazis, Leicester Beer Festival,and Duffy.

During this week,I have done a few things,firstly I went to this month's Leicester wildlife group talk about Amphibians(Newts, Frogs and Toads)at the Firebug pub. As I have never seen any Newts in Britain, the talk was a good learning experience, and noted that I will look for some Newts in the near future.
After the talk me and John Hague went down to the Criterion(recently voted the best pub in Leicester),and I had a couple of excellent Czech beers.
Returning to my car, I found that I had been given a parking ticket at 19.45pm at night!
OK, it was my mistake as I had parked next to a disabled space,but getting a ticket at that time of the night was a bit extreme?

The next day,meeting up with John, Skev and Dave Mack, we visited the annual Leicester Beer Festival. Although I'm not renowned for being a large ale drinker, I did find a couple of excellent continental style beers, Hair Repie from the Poachers Brewery and Lager Bier from the Bridgnorth Brewery.

Finally over this last week I have been listening to Duffy via my i-pod, and must admit she has got a great voice and it looks like Wales have produced another great singer!
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