Monday, 26 May 2008

Fulmar OMFL!! 25th May 2008.

Fulmar Lyndon-by-the-Sea

Following a message on my birdnet pager of a Fulmar off Manton Bridge, I hot footed it over to Rutland Water.

Parking just up from the bridge, I quickly joined Matthew Berriman on the bridge who was scanning the bay for the bird.Over the next few minutes we scanned the surrounding area, but there was no sign of the bird.

Scanning through the crashing waves I suddenly picked up a bird which looked like a Fulmar just off from Shallow Water Hide, slowly the bird moved round so we could see its distinctive tube nose, and confirm my hopes that it was the Fulmar. RESULT!

Driving round to Lyndon, I quickly walked down to the shallow water hide, to join the dudes watching the plastic Ospreys, and the keen local birders watching the FULMAR!

Over the last fifteen years I have missed at least three twitchable Fulmars in Leicestershire, so I was pleased that I finally added this bird to my county list.

After watching the Fulmar for a good half an hour, I moved onto Eyebrook Reservoir to briefly see a group of seven Sanderlings at the inflow end before driving home in between the squally showers.

Thanks to Matthew Berriman for supplying the photo of the Fulmar.

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