Sunday, 28 September 2008

Leicester City v Hartlepool United 27th September 2008.

As the rare bird sightings on the east coast had died down a bit, I decided instead to go and watch Leicester City play Hartlepool United at the Walkers stadium on the Saturday.
I must thank Rich my mate from my school days, who had a spare ticket for this match.
Although most of the match was pretty uneventful, except for Leicester scoring in the third minutes courtesy of Matt Oakley. I was quite impressed with the young Welsh player Andy King in midfield (maybe a star in the making?), and of course the two Liverpool reserves David Martin in goal, and Jack Hobbs in defence. However the man of the match was Lloyd Dyer on the left wing who was a constant threat when ever Leicester went forward.

After the match myself and Rich (Rich's wife Nicole had given him permission to stay out late!?!) checked out the Crit for a couple of beers and then we went on to Nila palace for an excellent curry.
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