Saturday, 15 November 2008

Fudge Duck reappears!

A quick text message in the morning from John Hague let me know that the Ferruginous Duck had been re found by Allen Pocock at Groby Pool. So after finishing the early shift I drove over to the pool.
Meeting up with Brian Moore and Allen we so found the drake Ferruginous Duck on the north side of the pool. Although it was quite distant I could not seen any hybridization in the duck's plumage so it was probably the bird which was previously recorded at Sence Valley Forest Park and Thornton Reservoir.
The only problem was that were the hell had it been the previous couple of weeks?
So after watching the duck for a good half an hour I had to leave the pool as I had a prior appointment in the evening with a few nurses at Chinese restaurant in the city, but that another story!?!
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