Thursday, 8 January 2009

Geese and Swans 8th January 2009.

After a text message via John Hague from Steve Lister that a Juvenile Whooper Swan, a Pink Footed Goose and at least five White Fronted Geese were feeding in fields between Cossington Mill and Wanlip North GPs. Meeting up with Allen Pocock at the site we soon saw the Whooper Swan as it was with a small group Mute Swans on the canal at Cossington Mill.As the Geese flock had been spooked by a Police Chopper earlier, myself and Allen took the footpath towards the Wanlip sewage works. As this footpath looks over the private fields at Wanlip North GPs, we soon saw the large flock of Geese in the surrounding fields.At this point the Geese got up and flew to a further field away, but we both picked up the Pink-Footed Goose in flight and a little later as the geese settled down, we saw at least five White-fronted Geese feeding in the middle of the Greylag flock.I think the wild geese in this flock has been around since last Autumn so hopefully there will stick around for a few days more?
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