Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Wet my lips, Wet my Lips.................

Following a text message from Ben Croxtall about the whereabouts of a couple of singing Quails near Groby, after finishing work I drove over to Anstey Lane to see if I could hear the distinctive call (sounds like Wet-my-lips,Wet-my-lips..) in the nearby fields.
Walking along the footpath from Anstey Lane towards the fishing lakes next to Groby Quarry, it wasn't long before I heard at least one Quail calling from the crop. Over the next hour the Quail was heard calling at least three times and always at the same time as the nearby Skylarks burst into there flight song.
As I walked back to the car I noticed at least six Painted Ladies Butterflies flying around the footpath and realised that maybe the invasion of these butterflies was still occurring and possible the Quail and the Butterflies had migrating from the same area in North Africa? On the whole it was great to hear the Quail calling but maybe next time I should borrow a Jack Russell dog to flush the little critters!!
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