Saturday, 5 December 2009

Basically some Gulls, Owls and a Great White Egret!

On my day off from work I thought I would potter around a few sites in the county. So I started in the far south of the county at Shawell GPs and Tip to look at the gulls. Over the couple of hours I was at this site the sightings included a nice looking adult Yellow-legged Gull in the large gull flock, a small group of six Tree Sparrows and up to forty Skylarks in a stubble field next to the tip. Whilst at the tip I received a text from John Hague to let me know that a male Black Redstart had been find by Carl Baggott at Old John in Bradgate Park. So you can guess were I was going next?!
Reaching Old John it came apparent that I was too late and bird had disappeared as I meet up with Jim Graham, Ben Croxtall and Carl as the birds hadn't been seen for a good half an hour.
With the no show of the Black Redstart I decided to nip home for a spot of lunch and then move onto Cossington Meadows for the Owls.
Arriving at Cossington just after 3.15pm, I met up with Jim again and Steve Campsell who were also waiting for the Owls.
Over the next hour as it got dark we saw three Barn Owls hunting over the Swan Meadow, Wood Meadow and the Moor. Then around 4.00pm we picked up a large white bird as it slowly flew over the Moor and Swan Meadow. When I first saw it I thought it was a swan but then realised that it was actually a Great White Egret!!
Shouting to the other birders nearby we all watching the Egret slowly fly over Swan Meadow and then drift low off towards Cossington South GPs to probably roost.
I then phoned the news out of the sighting of the Great White and then on cue Two Short-eared Owls appeared and started to quarter the Swan Meadow.
So on the whole a good end to the day and another county rarity on potentially the best site in Leicestershire! (I did say Leicestershire and not Vc55!).
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