Sunday, 13 December 2009

Gulls at Shawell again.............

Adult Caspian Gull.

2nd-winter Iceland Gull.

Yesterday morning I nipped down to Shawell GPs to check out the Gulls, as the previous day Neil Hagley had found an Immature Iceland Gull on one of the balancing pools.
Arriving at the site I noticed that were a good number of gulls on the pools. So over the next couple of hours I picked out at least one adult Caspian Gull and two adult Yellow-legged Gulls among the assortment of large and small gulls.
Then around midday I finally noticed the immature Iceland Gull which must have flown in just minutes earlier.
Scoping the bird I noticed straight away that it was a 1st winter type due to its plumage and dark eye (actually looking at the photos it's probably a 2nd winter bird!)
As usual I took a few record shots of the bird and then phoned out the news of the bird via Birdnet and John Hague.
By this time my feet were now starting to get very cold so decided to call time at this site, dodge the traffic on the A5 and then home for a spot of lunch.

In the afternoon I went down to Cossington Meadows after John told me he had just seen a female Merlin over Swan Meadow, but as usual the bird was not seen again.
The Owls which showed in the evening included a very close Barn Owl and the two Short-eared Owls.

Postscript: Looking at my records over the year this is probably the seventh Iceland Gull I have seen in the county this year!!
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