Friday, 11 December 2009

Quality day in Norfu*k

Great Grey Shrike

Views of Dersingham Bog NNR
With another day off in the week I decided with John Hague that a day out to Norfolk was a good idea.
So leaving a chilly Leicester at around 6.30am the first port of call via breakfast was Dersingham Bog NNR, near Wolferton. This site has hosted a Great Grey Shrike for the last few weeks so hopefully it would show and possible get some decent digishots?
Walking from the car onto the Le Hair trail we were soon onto the main heathland just west of the boardwalk were the Shrike had been reported from. Scanning a silver birch on the nearby ridge I noticed the Great Grey Shrike straight away on top of the tree and then got John onto the bird.
Digscoping the bird we took a few record shots and although the light was brilliant the bird was just too much bleached out by the low sun.
Next stop was Snettisham RSPB and after the 1.5km march from the car park we finally reached the hides and the wash shoreline.
Viewing the shoreline it was soon found the two Shorelarks but strangely took flight as John tried to get a few decent shots.
A bit more to follow soon...............
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