Saturday, 16 January 2010

Soar Valley year list update.....Red Crested Pochard!

Although I have been at work all week I checked out the whole of Watermead Country Park today. For most of the day it was pretty quiet on the sightings front, but I did find a nice looking male Red-crested Pochard firstly as it flew over me by King Lear's Lake, then the Key Lakes at Birstall and then finally the waterski pit at Watermead CP North. I let John Hague know about it as it was a good bird for the Soar Valley recording area. The only other species I added to my Soar Valley year list today was a couple of Skylarks over the Watermead CP South.
So including today's sightings my Soar Valley list is now on 73 species for the year.
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