Monday, 2 May 2011

Bird Nest Orchid OMFL!!!!

Last Thursday after checking a few sites around the city with Mark Skevington for the City year list I some how ended up at Cloud Wood LRWT to see if any Early Purple Orchids were in flower?
Well to cut a long story short, I found at least 200+ Early Purple Orchids in the wood with most in flower.
Then checking out the Great Butterfly Orchids I found a few which were amazingly coming into bud! (at least three weeks early). Please with what I had seen I then suddenly noticed another orchid close to the path, which I knew straight away as Bird Nest Orchid!! To put this in context, Bird Nest Orchid hasn't been recorded in Vc 55 (Leicestershire and Rutland) for almost thirty years!! The last recorded sighting was in 1983 in the same wood.
Keeping calm I took a few record shots of the orchid, and then let a few people know of the sighting.
Getting back home I downloaded a few photos of the orchid and was more than happy after referencing the orchid on the net. So with Bird Nest Orchid finally ticked off my county orchid list, I can now say Bird Nest Orchid OMFL!!

If people would like to see this orchid, I am quite willing to show them the plant on a couple evenings this week if required.
Please contact me via the comments bit...
Bird Nest Orchid
Another shot of the Bird Nest Orchid

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