Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Nights, Shetland and city list!

Ok sorry for the slow updates on the bird sightings but i'm currently on nights at the general hospital!
Any way I'm off to Shetland for nine days this weekend, and if we find anything good I will try and put the news out ASAP!? This year I will be staying at Cunningsburgh with Mr Green, Mr Hagley and Mr Potts and this year we will be ringing in the garden! (The target species this year will be Yellow-browed Warbler in the hand).
Also thanks to Mark Skev for letting me know that I had forgotten to include 3 species on my city list. So now my city list stands at 117 species. The latest bird to be put on the list was a brief Turtle Dove over Watermead CP South whilst vis-migging from the Mammoth with Mr Hague on the 18th.
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