Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Colour ringed and ringed Gulls at Watermead CP South

 Over the last week, myself, Mark Skevington, John Hague, Brian Moore and Steve Lister have been recording the number of different colour-ringed and ringed gulls at Watermead CP South car park and duck feeding area.
Regular birds have included VO28 from Denmark, JAN4 fron Norway and AEH1 from Germany on a daily basis. Last week Mark also found a new colour ringed bird with the code VH85 on it and found out that the bird was from Denmark.
However over the last few days we have now tried to read just the ringed birds as well in the car park!From photos taken of the birds we have found a Finnish bird and yesterday a bird which John and Steve saw last week we were finally able to read most of the ring and the bird was ringed in Lithuania!!
Here is a few shots of the birds mentioned above:
JAN4 from Norway!
VO85 from Denmark
The finnish bird!
VO28 from Denmark

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