Saturday, 2 March 2013

Pine Grosbeak OMFL!! part 1...

As most birders will know a 1st winter male Pine Grosbeak has been resident on Shetland for the last few months. So myself, Colin Green and Steve James decided to twitch the bird last week.
We travelling up to Aberdeen on the Thursday and got the ferry in the evening.
Leaving Aberdeen harbour the first unexpected wildlife sighting we saw came in the form of 20+ Bottlenose Dolphins feeding just off the breakwater. Maybe this was a good omen for the trip!?..
Colin Green larking around!

Aberdeen harbour
Docking at Lerwick at around 7.30am the next morning, we were on the road just after 8.15am and onward to Collafirth were the Pine Grosbeak had been resident for the last few weeks.
More to follow soon!...

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