Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Hybrid Orchid in NW Leicestershire!

I'm currently in Scotland spending a week in Dumfries and Galloway! But here is a couple of photos of a hybrid orchid I found in NW Leicestershire.
Any suggestions of the parentage of the orchid would be welcome!
Hybrid Orchid (Southern Marsh Orchid x ?)

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Stolen Kowa Scope!

Just before my mapa course (work related) yesterday I found out that my Citroen C2 Loeb had been broken into and found that my TomTom Sat Nav, Kowa 773 scope, Manfrotto tripod with a Gitzo head and North Face coat had been stolen.
Pissed off was putting it lightly!!
So if you are offered a newish Kowa 773 angled scope with a 30x wide-angle eyepiece can you contact me or Leicestershire Police.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Bee Orchids in NE Leics

Check out one of my favourite orchid sites in Leicestershire over the weekend and found good numbers of Bee Orchids and the rare form Var. chlorantha in the usual place. I also found at least 20+ Pyramidal Orchids but these plants were still in bud.
Bee Orchid
I will be keeping an eye on this site for the next couple of weeks and will probably do a proper count of the Bee Orchids next weekend.
 "Var.chlorantha" Bee Orchid

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Fecking White Throated Robin OMFL! GET IN!!

As the words say above, White-throated Robin on my fucking list!! Yesterday in the company of Neil Hagley and Allen Pocock we twitched the Robin which had been found the previous day at Hartlepool Headland.
Leaving Leicester just after 5.45am, it wasn't long when the magic words came over my birdnet twitter feed that the bird was still there! So the wacky races began as travelled up to Hartlepool.
I did suggest some breakfast, but wise words from Allen and Neil postponed this idea,until of course we saw the bird.
Arriving at Hartlepool just after 8.00am, within a only a couple minutes we had ticked the Robin in the smaller bowling green as feed on a variety of insects. At the same time we met up with the Pie Man AKA Mark Reeder  who had just arrived via Spain and not much sleep!
Over the next hour the Robin moved between the Bowling Greens and the famous Doctor's garden.
With the garden open to the twitching masses for a small fee, it wasn't long before the Robin performed for the masses as it feed on the lawn.
As the Robin was quite mobile, it was a nightmare to digiscope but I did get a couple of shots via Mark's Nikon DSLR.
At about the same time, a supposed Sun newspaper photographer took a photo of the twitching crowd in the garden and if you click on the link: you can see me in the bottom photo with Mark Reeder next to the birder in bike leathers!!
With everybody happy with the crippling views, a quick seawatch off the headland and a visit to the new Saltholme RSPB reserve for a sleeping Spoonbill, we got back to Leicester just after 3.30pm.

With tiredness getting the better of me, I had a quick power nap and then off to twitch the Savi's Warbler at Rutty with Allen and Ben Croxtall, but hey that another story.....

White-throated Robin Hartlepool Headland via Mark Reeder's camera!!