Friday, 28 December 2012

A bit of Velvet!

Well yesterday I finally got a few decent shots of the long staying Velvet Scoters at Swithland Reservoir. At times the ducks were feeding just off the dam wall and showing down to 10 metres away!


Monday, 24 December 2012


Here is a few shots of the large Waxwing flock by Quorn Great Central Railway Station earlier in the month.


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Spectrum (Say My Name) | Florence + the Machine (Calvin Harris Remix) Of...

Colour ringed Gulls again!

Here is a few photos of the colour ringed Black-headed Gulls which have been in the car park at Watermead CP South and the nearby McDonalds by Abbey Lane, Red Hill Circle over the last week.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Flight shots of the Adult Caspian Gull @ Watermead CP South yesterday!

Here is a few flight shots of the adult Caspian Gull I saw yesterday at Watermead CP South.
Also for some strange reason, this bird seems to favour Watermead CP at weekends, as I have now seen this bird for the last three weekends!!


Friday, 16 November 2012

Shetland 2012 part 4 Redpolls!

Here is a few photos of the Redpolls we saw in Shetland!
NW Redpoll sp at Cunningsburgh 
Another shot of the "Greenland type" Redpoll in Cunningsburgh
Hornemann's Arctic Redoll at Norwick, Unst
 Another shot of the Hornemann's Arctic Redpoll!
Another NW Redpoll sp at Norwick, Unst!?!
...and finally an "Interesting" NW Redpoll sp at Levenwick.


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Casper at Watermead CP South

Here is a few shots of the adult Caspian Gull at Watermead CP South late last month.


Friday, 9 November 2012

Shetland 2012 part 5

Here is some shots of the lads larking around on Shetland!!

Greeny brings the Olympic torch to Unst!
Mr Smith taking the registar at the famous Unst bus stop!
Greeny recieving a well earned tea after bringing the Olympic
torch to Unst!

Greeny celebrating after ticking Pechora Pipit and
Hornemann's Arctic Redpoll at Norwick, Unst.

Monday, 5 November 2012

New CR BH Gull in the Soar Valley

Here is a few photos of a new colour-ringed Black-headed Gull I saw at Mcdonald's, Red Hill Circle today. The bird was ringed in Denmark as you just about read from the metal ring on it's left leg.


More Eastern Olivaceous shots!..

Here is a few more shots of the Eastern Olivaceous Warbler by Colin Green...
All photos copyright of Colin Green!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Photos on this site!! Permission First!...

Hi all, here is a small reminder, but if people want to use my photos and my friends photos on this blog, YOU NEED TO GET PERMISSION FROM MYSELF OR MY FRIENDS FIRST TO USE THEM!!
If I find out people have been using them without my permission, I will find you and remind you via a swift chop to the mouth that you need permission first!?!
Rant over!

Eastern Olly Warbler OMFL!!

Yesterday I finally twitched the Eastern Olivaceous Warbler at Kilmining, Fife. My crew was made up of myself, Colin Green and Steve James.
We arrived on-site at around 8.30am and after maybe a couple of minutes we were ticking off the EOW as it showed well and constantly calling in the nearby rose bushes.
Here is a few rubbish record shots of the bird.

Other sightings on-site included at least 3 fly-over Waxwings in off the sea and good numbers of thrushes, finches and buntings in the surrounding bushes.
With myself and the other lads happy with sightings of the EOW, we moved onto Largo Bay which was just down the coast. Here the target was a mobile Surf Scoter and hopefully some sea ducks?
Looking out of the small car park next to the beach at Largo, we saw lots of groups of sea ducks just off shore. The sightings here included Long-tailed Ducks, Velvet Scoters, Common Scoters, Eiders, RB Mergs, Slav Grebes, and Red-throated Divers. However after much scanning the Surf Scoter failed to show it's self!
With a long drive back to Leicester to decided to call it time on our trip to Fife, but I made a mental note that I must visit this area again soon that later...



Friday, 26 October 2012

Shetland 2012 part 3

Here is a few more photos of the stuff we saw in Shetland! First up the Siberian Stonechat at Hoswick.

Also here is an interesting link from Martin Garner's Birding frontier's website about the ageing and splitting of the races of Siberian Stonechat: