Sunday, 30 October 2011

Faithless - Insomnia (Monster Mix)

This is for all the people who couldn't sleep last night minus the fact the clocks went back a hour!!

Colour-ringed Gulls @ Watermead CP South.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been recording the number of colour ringed Gulls at Watermead CP South car park. 
As of yesterday I had found at least seven birds which included six Black-headed Gulls and a Juvenile Lesser Black-backed Gull.
The Black-headed Gulls numbers were: JAN4 white (from Norway), VO28 red AND V192 red (from Denmark), N322yellow (from Spain), AEH1yellow (from Germany?), E4HM white (from Holland?).
The Lesser BB Gull has been a bit more difficult due to the fact that I have only seen it on the island at Watermead CP South and I cannot read the number on the red ring but it looks like 1YMH?!
So as it's now the Gull season, hopefully I will find more discoveries in the next few months...
Black-headed Gull: V192 (from Denmark).
Black-headed Gull: V028 (from Denmark).
Black-headed Gull: N322 (from Spain).

Monday, 24 October 2011

City Challenge update: Get In 125 species!!

Following on with the sighting of the Caspian Gull @ Watermead CP South yesterday, more birds were added to my city year list over the last week. These came in form of a calling Water Rails in the reed bed near the mammoth viewpoint. Up to three Crossbills calling over the mammoth on the 20th and 22nd, two Yellow-legged Gulls (Fourth-winter bird and an adult) on the main lake and of course the Caspian Gull yesterday!
With these sightings I am now on 125 species for the city boundaries!?! 

Casper3 WCPS 231011

Casper3 WCPS 231011 by davidearlgray
Casper3 WCPS 231011, a photo by davidearlgray on Flickr.

Another shot of the Casper @Watermead CP South. This is only the second record for the city!

Casper1 WCPS 231011

Casper1 WCPS 231011 by davidearlgray
Casper1 WCPS 231011, a photo by davidearlgray on Flickr.

Here is a shot of the adult Caspian Gull I found @Watermead CP South yesterday.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

City Challenge update: 121 species!!

Back from Shetland and over the last week I have been vis-migging from the Mammoth viewpoint at Watermead CP South.
The highlights and additions to the city list have included Golden Plover, Brambling and best of all a Rock Pipit which has hung around the park for last few days. So my total has now broken through the 120 mark and is currently on 121 species for the city!
Full details of the vis-migging from  the mammoth can be view here: