Thursday, 17 July 2008

Anything for the weekend Sir?... Krakow stag do! 11th-13th July 2008.

Photos of the beautiful Krakow, Poland.

Meeting up with my old Aston University friends (Kij, Geordie Ian, Joey and Marc) we spent three days in the beautiful city of Krakow.

The occasion for being in the city was Marcus Jeffery (another old friend from my Aston days) stag do.
We flew out of Gatwick on the Friday morning, and meet the rest of lads (21 of us!) in the old town late afternoon, although by that time we arrived at least five lads were comatose due to the excellent Polish beer and vodka!
For the rest of the day and night was spent in the numerous bars and nightspots in Krakow old town, and can highly recommend the lovely Honey Vodka and the local Zywiec beer.

As is usual for a stag do, we didn't get up until midday the next day as there was a few sore heads in the group.
Drinking started again in the afternoon but at a more leisurely pace with most of the group joined up in the Old Town.
By the early evening as you can imagine a few of the lads after a number of cheeky drinks were a bit on the drunk side.
Around this time we started to get some grief from one of the local Polish bouncers, as I think he was trying to impress his girlfriend who was serving behind the bar.
After a few pleasant words between the two groups we decided to move on to the local McDonalds to line our stomachs and a bit of R&R before the night time activities.

More to follow shortly........
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