Saturday, 2 August 2008

Violet Helleborines at Great Merrible Wood 1st August 2008.

Violet Helleborines at Great Merrible Wood LRWT.
I checked out Great Merrible Wood yesterday afternoon to look for Violet Helleborine (Epipactis purpurata) and found over 75 flowering stems, which was the most I have ever seen in this wood.
I found one plant which was close to the path which had a cluster of twenty stems on it!
It looks like it has been a very good year for Helleborine species as high numbers have been recorded all over the country.
I think also it might have something to do with last year's weather conditions, as this orchid is affected by dry summers and grows better in damp conditions.
If I get time over the next couple of weeks I will try visit this site again to see the Helleborines in there full flowering glory!
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