Sunday, 15 February 2009

Oh it's an Iceland Gull!! 14th February 2009.

Following information from the LROS website the previous day that a 1st winter Iceland Gull had been seen at Shawell tip near Lutterworth I decided to nip out late morning to see if the gull was still around?
Getting to the tip just before the morning shift had finished I parked up in a nearby lay-by and watched the gulls by the roadside.
Scanning through the large number of gulls I could not pick up anything which looked like an Iceland Gull. At this point most of the gulls got up and flew off in a southerly direction, Bugger!!
Checking the fields just east of the village there still no sign of the Iceland Gull but a good assortment of the commoner gulls. From here I moved on to Stanford Reservoir which was just down the road.
Parking on the roadside, I walked down to the dam and noted that most of the reservoir was frozen. In the free bits of water were good numbers of Pochards, Tufted Ducks and 8 Goosanders. Scanning further right over a mix of large gulls standing on the ice I noticed straight way a 1st-winter Iceland Gull. Get In !!!
I don't know if it was the same bird which had been at Shawell Tip as it looked lighter than the bird I had seen on the website.
Walking quickly back to the car I picked up my camera and got back to the dam and then took a number of record shots of the gull so hopefully the local rarity committee can figure out if its a different bird or not?
Please with myself on finding the Iceland Gull I phoned a few friends of the sighting and then made my way back to the car, as there was a very important rugby match to watch in the afternoon, but that another story.....
Folllowing on from my sighting a 1st Winter Iceland Gull was reported via birdguides at Shawell Tip at around the same time I was photographing the Iceland Gull at Stanford Res so maybe there are two birds around in the same area?
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