Tuesday, 10 March 2009

It's a dipping day Monday 9th March 2009.

Sometimes you think why did I bother going out Birding as this was one day when nothing went to plan?!
The plan of the day was originally for myself, John and Brian to go to Norfolk, but as John had a bit of man flu we decided that it wasn't the best idea to be stuck in a car for two hours with someone coughing up there guts!!
So me and Brian decided instead to check out a few sites in Leicestershire. Well to cut a long story short, we dipped on any Jack Snipe in the Soar Valley, there was no interesting Gulls at Albert Village Lake, no sign of any Corn Buntings at Oakthorpe and to top off a great day absolutely nothing of note at Swithland Reservoir!!!
Hopefully as spring is approaching this day will be a distant memory when I'm chasing the spring migrants all over the county in the next few months?
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