Saturday, 26 September 2009

MEGA for Leicestershire: Common Rosefinch OMFL 26th September 2009.

Common Rosefinch OMFL!!

For most of the early morning, myself, John Hague, Steve Lister and Allen Pocock had been doing some vis miging (Visible Migration) at Dean's Lane, Beacon Hill. The only highlight of the early morning was seeing a good passage of over 800+ Meadow Pipits and small numbers of Siskins.

However this all changed when John received a phonecall from Andy Mackay whilst in the local Mcdonalds to let us know that Andy Smith had just rung a Common Rosefinch in his back garden.
Finishing our Mc D's breakfast in Loughborough we were soon parking up in Thornton village as the first birders on the seen.
Meeting Andy Smith in his back garden he let us know were the bird had been seen and it was only a matter of time before the bird returns?
Joined by Steve and Allen again, it wasn't long before a few familiar faces appeared in Andy's garden.
At this point Steve refound the Rosefinch in a nearby tree and panic suddenly set in as we tried to get on the bird!
In reality we didn't need to worry as the bird showed well for the next few minutes before disappearing again in nearby gardens.
Over the next hour or so the bird showed on and off and I got a couple of record shots of the rosefinch (see above).
So the Common Rosefinch was firmly on my county list and I would just like to say a big thanks to Andy Smith and family for being excellent hosts and opening up his back garden to view this Mega county tick.
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