Friday, 21 May 2010

Sproxton and Saltby Quarries

I checked out these two excellent sites in the north-east of the county yesterday and was pleased on what I saw and found.
These two quarries are very unwatched but every time I have been there I keep on finding more surprises on the wildlife front.
So the sightings I saw yesterday included good numbers of butterflies, which included Green Hairstreak,Dingy Skipper, Brown Argus and large numbers of Common Blues. Day-flying moths I encountered included Burnet Companion and Mother Shipton.
However the surprise of the day was a female Marsh Harrier slowly quartering the fields of the airfield just after 1.00pm.
Over the next few weeks I will up date you on what else I see and find at these two under watched sites. 

PS: Check the link for a map of the two sites!

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