Monday, 5 July 2010

Bee Orchids 2: More god dam mutants!!

On Saturday I drove over to a couple of sites in the Midlands, were I photographed more "mutant" Bee Orchids.
The varieties I went to see included Var. bicolor, Var.belgarum and Var.trollii (or Wasp Orchid for short).
At the first site in Oxfordshire, I noticed that most of the Bee Orchids had gone over and although I couldn't find the Var.Belgarum type I did get some decent shots of the "Wasp Orchids".
Then driving into Warwickshire and probably the highlight of the day I find the Var.bicolor next to a busy round-about not far from Shakespeare birthplace.

The only other wildlife sightings I saw during the day included small numbers of Marbled White butterflies and a single Red Kite over the village of Long Compton in Warwickshire.
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