Thursday, 23 September 2010

Return to the Mammoth!

View from the Mammoth looking North at Watermead CP South

Whilst at work yesterday I noticed a few Swallows migrating over the hospital, so after finishing the early shift I drove down to Watermead CP South for a bit of afternoon vis-migging.
Scanning the car park pit I noticed that the Juvenile Black Tern and Arctic Tern were still present and a small gathering of Lesser Black-backs Gulls. 
Then climbing the heights of the Mammoth I viewed the Soar Valley for the next hour or so.
Although it was quiet for most of the hour and to keep the Llama happy, I noted that at least 78 Swallows, and 2 Snipe flew south! ;-).
With only a few working days left before I go to Shetland for the annual drunkbirders field trip, I'm hoping of going to the seaside tomorrow (Flamborough Head) for a bit of Seawatching and migrant bashing with the return of the mack! I will keep you posted what happens?
PS Happy Birthday to the Drunkbirder today!
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