Thursday, 3 November 2011

Another Casper at WCPS!

Ok you wait years for one to turn up and then you have two turn up in a week! What are talking about Dave?... Well yesterday after finishing the early shift at the General I was down again at Watermead CP South to check on the Gulls in the car park and to see if any large Gulls were on the island.
Not much in the car park except for courting Asian couples, the odd dope smoker and the long staying V028 and JAN4 ringed Black-headed Heads!
On the main island I noticed a good number of Lesser Black-backed GullsHerring Gulls and what looked like a 1st winter Caspian Gull!?!
Well to cut a long story short, I took a few shots of the bird and when I got home I did a bit of research on the net. Please see the photos attached: Comments are welcome on the ID of the bird!

1st Winter Caspian Gull on the main island@ Watermead!
1st Winter Caspian Gull@Watermead CP South (on the left)
The casper is the one next to the goose!
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