Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Leicestershire Orchids part 1 22nd June 2008.

Common Fragrant Orchid

Common Spotted
x Southern Marsh Orchid Hybrid

Southern Marsh Orchid

Early Marsh Orchid

Bee Orchid

I went out on Sunday to check a few Orchid sites in Leicestershire and saw at least eight different species.
Here is a brief list of what I saw and were:

Merry's Meadow LRWT:
Four Common Twayblade, 2 Common Fragrant Orchids(former Chalk Fragrant Orchid), and Heath Spotted Orchid (15+).
Whilst at this site I also had 2 Crossbills flying over the reserve (probably part of main influx into this country from the continent?).

A1 Pickworth By-pass:
200+ Southern Marsh Orchids and 1 Common Spotted/Southern Marsh Orchid Hybrid.

A1 Pickworth By-pass Triangle:
At least 1 Bee Orchid!

Empingham North Meadows SSSI:
150+ Southern Marsh Orchids and 20+ Early Marsh Orchids.
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