Sunday, 28 September 2008

Fudge Duck at Sence Valley FP 28th September 2008.

Due to me going to the Football the previous day, I didn't get to see the Ferruginous Duck at Sence Valley FP until the Sunday morning.
I arrived at around 9.30am and slowly walked up the Stonebridge Pool with Paul (one of Groby crew) where the bird had been previously reported.
When we got to the hide a couple of birders were looking at the bird which had just appeared in front of the hide.
As you would expect I phoned the news out about the bird and also took a few record shots of the duck.
Joined by Allen Pocock a few minutes later we watched the duck as it behaved like a proper diving duck( happy now John!) instead of the usual view you normally get of head tucked under its wings and fast asleep!
Please with the views I had, I then moved on to Swithland Reservoir to see the long staying Juvenile Red Necked Grebe feeding as usual next to the dam before nipping home for a few minutes and then straight on to work.
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