Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Steppe Grey Shrike OMFL!!!

Numpties chasing the shrike!

As news broke of the "Steppe" Great Shrike on Friday evening I couldn't do anything about until today (Tuesday) due to Wales V South Africa game at the weekend.
Leaving Leicester just before 9.00am I was at the Shrike site within an hour and forty minutes.
As John Hague and Brian Moore had seen the bird the day before I soon realised what there had said about how approachable it was. Viewing the Shrike in the bushes by the footpath, the Shrike suddenly flew past me down to less than a couple of feet away.
As you can imagine I took a few record shots of the bird. It was quite interesting to note that the Shrike looked pinky on the breast and reminded me a little bit of an Isabelline Shrike with this colouration.
Due to work commitments in the afternoon I could only watch the Shrike for just under an hour so it did feel a bit like a tick and run bird!, but thankfully another world tick under the belt!?
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