Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Another go for the Cattle Egret, also Green-winged Orchids and a Wood Warbler in the city.

Adder's Tongue Fern at
Merry's Meadow LRWT.

Green winged Orchids
at Merry's Meadow LRWT.

Cattle Egret on Lagoon 1 at
Rutland Water.

Although I had seen the Cattle Egret at Rutland Water briefly the previously day, I nipped over to Rutland again to see if I could get some digishots of the Cattle Egret and take some photos of the local Green winged Orchids at the nearby Merry's Meadow LRWT.
Arriving at the Egleton reserve I was soon taking some record shots of the Cattle Egret as it feed around the cattle opposite mallard hide.
Pleased with the record shots of the Egret I then drove over to Greetham to check out Merry's Meadow.
At this site I counted at least 500+ Green winged Orchids in the surrounding meadowland and small numbers of the cute looking Adder's Tongue Fern.
Whilst at this site I received a message from Andy Mackay of a possible Wood Warbler at Victoria park in the centre of Leicester, and could I possible check it out?
As I was driving home that way I didn't see it as a problem, and parking the car just around the corner from the park, I was soon standing by the pond on "Vicky" park.
Although it felt a bit strange standing there with joggers, coverting couples and office workers looking on, suddenly above my head I heard the distinctive trill of a singing Wood Warbler.
I thought well done that man who originally reported the bird to the LROS website, I was know watching a Wood Warbler in the centre of the city!!
As you can imagine I phoned out the news out pretty dam quick and within 20 minutes the first local birders had arrived (Colin Towe and Allen Pocock).
Getting Colin and Allen on to the bird, it wasn't too long before a small crowd had gathered by the pond to watch the warbler.
Pleased with relocating the warbler I soon said my farewells to the group and realised that birds can turn up anywhere, even in a local city park!
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