Friday, 15 May 2009

Birds falling out of the sky!?!......15th May 2009.

After finishing my final assignment for University mid morning, I noted on my pager that 3 Black Terns had been reported at Cropston Reservoir.
So before handing in my assignment I nipped over to Cropston to see the terns.
Arriving at the dam, I met up with Paul (one of the Groby crew) as he was scanning the reservoir.
Straight away I picked up a couple of Black Terns flying around the reservoir and then I noticed a couple of smaller terns as there flew past. I knew straight away that there Little Terns due to there size and build. I shouted to Paul to get on terns which he did, and then I scanned through the other terns feeding over the reservoir, and noted that there was 2 adult Little Terns, 3 Black Terns, up to six Arctic Terns and a single Common Tern just feeding off the dam.
As this was a good count of Terns I phoned the news out.
Watching the Terns for the next half an hour, the majority moved off when the weather improved, but the Black Terns did stick around until the early afternoon at least.
Another bird which had been dumped onto Cropston Reservoir due to the weather was a smart looking Sanderling which was slowly feed along the dam shoreline.
With time pressing I moved on to Swithland Reservoir and I soon picked up a group of nine Arctic Terns feeding over the reservoir.
At this point I got a text message from Jez Robson, that he had found a Wood Sandpiper, Sanderling and 3 Whimbrel down at Cossington Meadows.
On the way back home I quickly stopped off at Cossington Meadows and then ran down the footpath to the Tern Pool.
Here I met up with Jez and slowly got my breath back I checked out the pool but could not see any of the waders. So dreading a possible dip I checked out Hobley Lake for the Whimbrels and thankfully the birds were still at the back of the lake. Result!! A Soar Valley tick to boot!?!
Rejoining Jez the Wood Sandpiper suddenly showed itself as it flew over our heads calling and then landed on the nearby Hobley Lake.
We then finally picked up the Sanderling as it slowly feed around the pool shoreline.
At this point I had to say good bye to Jez and the arriving Allen Pocock and Andy Forryan as I had to be work within the next hour.
So on the whole it turned out to be a excellent few hours of birding with a couple of found ticks and an addition to my Soar Valley list.
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