Sunday, 14 February 2010

I see Scaup....and a Tw*t with a catapult!

Yesterday morning I nipped over to Shawell GPs to look at the Gulls, but there was one slight problem some ar*ehole with camouflage combats and a catapult was walking around the pits and scaring off the gulls. I noted that he drove a lemon-yellow Vauxhall Tigra and if I see him again I will give him a piece of my mind!
Any way with this Tw*t walking around the pits he flushed a female Scaup onto the main A5 pool. Although it was a year tick and a shame it wasn't down the Soar Valley but hey it was probably a first for this site?!
Moving on to the nearby tip I noted that there were thousands of gulls feeding on the tip but due to the distance from the road I couldn't pick out anything unusual.
As I was going to watch the Six Nations Rugby in the afternoon I decided to call time at Shawell and check out the Soar Valley as Pete Jessop had left me message about the Golden Plovers being back on the fields at Cossington.
Parking by the roadside next to the village I then walked down the footpath towards the canal and within a few minutes surprisingly I saw a Juvenile Peregrine sitting in one of cropped maize fields, then suddenley a large flock of Lapwings and Golden Plovers flew over me coming from the direction of the main railway line. Yes, Get In!! Number 93 for the Soar Valley Yearlist!
With another tick firmly on the list, I noticed time was against me so decided to call it a day and get home for the Wales v Scotland rugby match, but hey that another story........
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