Monday, 1 March 2010

Cymru unlucky!

On the Friday myself, John Hague and Colin Green had a little trip down to Wales to see Wales play France in the Six Nations Rugby championship.
As usual I got a load of banter from the other two about speaking Welsh and clearing your throat but it was in all good humour!
Arriving at Cardiff mid afternoon in bright sunshine and after a good old-fashioned fish and chips meal we moved to the highly recommended Pen and Wig pub for a little bit of Welsh culture!
After a few drinks or two we left the pub around 6.30pm to soak up the atmosphere of the big game and it seemed that a lot of French supporters were in town!
Buying a couple of hats for myself and my brother Tim from the rugby village and Colin adding a pin badge to his collection we then joined the crowd of supporters and climbed the stairs to our seats in the stadium.
From the photos above you can see that our seats were in the lap of the gods but a great view of the stadium and the pitch!
On to the match and once again Wales played rubbish in the first half and gave France a twenty point advantage through two intercepted tries!!
The second half of match was totally different and Wales played some great rugby and should have scored at least four tries. But with Wales playing catch-up it wasn't too surprising that France ran out winners 26-20 in the end. The highlight of the match for me and just to late to win the game for Wales was Shane Williams outstanding try (see the link above).
Once again watching Wales was a roller-coaster of emotions for myself and the only slight problem at the end of the match was the long drive back to Leicester!
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