Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sightings today:Mountain Blackbird or Ring Ouzel for short!

As I noticed on my pager that good numbers of Ring Ouzels had reported this morning I decided to check out the usual sites in Leicestershire for this scarce migrant bird.
At the first site (Warren Hills) I drew a blank so I then moved on to Beacon Hill CP.
On route to Beacon Hill I noted a couple of Curlews in the nearby fields and hopefully there will breed again in the Charnwood forest area.
Parking in the upper car park I did the circular walk around the top fields of the hill. Just before reaching car park again I suddenly noted a dark thrush sitting in the nearby trees which splits one of the fields.
Scoping the bird I realised straight away that I was looking at a corking female Ring Ouzel!!

More to follow soon.........
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