Monday, 21 March 2011

City Challenge update and a Landfill site near you? Pink legged Gull!!

Here is a quick update on the City Challenge. I added a couple more ticks last week in the form of Kingfisher and Chiffchaff with both seen at Watermead CP South. With these sightings my total is now 77 species.

On Saturday I nipped over to a new Landfill site in the company of Steve James just over the border into Lincolnshire at Stainby. Although it wasn't on par with Albert Village and Shawell, good numbers of gulls were noted in the nearby fields. Also what was good about this site was the number of Red Kites recorded here, we had at least 10 birds circling and feeding at the tip during the two hours we were there!
Getting back to the gulls, one interesting Lesser black-backed Gull was observed in the flock just because it had pink-coloured legs!! I'm not saying it's something special but a reminder that Gulls can be so different!
Any way after visiting this site we checked out a few sites in the Vale of Belvoir and made a mental note to visit these sites in the next couple of months for Butterflies and Orchids!
After that it was back to Leicester to watch a bit of rugby and the Irish stuff England on how to play running rugby, but that's another story!
Pink coloured legged LBB Gull!
Red Kite at Stainby Landfill site! 
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