Monday, 12 September 2011

City Challenge update and Arctic Terns!

Over the last week I have added another species for the City year list in the form of two sightings of a couple of Ravens (113) over Watermead CP South and Birstall Meadows.
Other birds of note over the last week at Watermead have included two twitchable Arctic Terns (Adult and Juvenile) and a brief flock of 7 Ruffs on the island yesterday (These birds were later relocated on the Rectory marsh at Cossington Meadows LRWT).
With the weather looking good for Seabirds over the next few days I will try and check the Soar Valleys sites on a regular basis hoping for a sighting of a Sabine's Gull or even a Skua sp!?
 Photos of the Adult Arctic Tern!

And finally I am counting down the days until my annual trip to Shetland (19days from today!), and this year I will be staying in Cunningsburgh.
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