Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Some Whoopers and a couple of Norwegian birds!

After finishing work yesterday afternoon I nipped down to Watermead CP South to check out the gulls. In the car park I saw the regular colour ringed Norwegian birds JAN4 and J2KT and a ringed bird which was most likely the bird from Denmark?!
After taking a few photos of the gulls I then drove over to Swithland Reservoir to see if the reported Whooper Swans were still around?
With luck on my side stopping by the stone wall on Kinchley Lane, I saw the 11 Whooper Swans briefly on the water and then the group started honking and then took off!
The group circled the reservoir a couple of times and then flew off in a north-east direction.
With camera in hand I took a few shots of the Whoopers flying around the reservoir before disappearing over Buddon Wood.
With the Whoopers gone I checked the female Velvet Scoter was still in the middle of reservoir, it was!...
After these sightings I decided not to push my luck and called it a day on the birding front!...
J2KT Black-headed Gull
JAN4 Black-headed Gull

and a few record shots of the Whoopers...

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