Sunday, 6 April 2008

Anything for the weekend sir?...Hereford Celebrations!

Over the weekend I have been in Hereford, celebrating my Auntie Mary's and Uncle Jim's 50th Wedding anniversary.
It was good to see the extended family,most of whom I haven't seen for the last ten years!

On the Saturday before the party,I went to see Hereford United play Chester City at Edgar Road, with Elwyn (my cousin Anne-Marie husband)and his Dad.
Most of the match Hereford were the better team, scoring two goals in the first half from Ben Smith and Gary Hooper, and looked like cruising to victory until Chester's Kevin Sandwith hit a spectacular shot in the 68th minute to score for the away side, and then in the final minute, all hell was let loose, when the ref gave Chester a penalty for a supposed hand ball, to which Kevin Ellison dispatched with great ease into the top corner.
To say Elwyn and his Dad were gutted, was I think probably an understatement, also I think the other 3,000+ Hereford fans were not best pleased with the decision from the Ref!
So at the final whistle, it wasn't surprising that the referee was escorted off the pitch by a good number of stewards for his own safety.

The families evening celebrations went well and the whole family had a really good time, especially my cousin Elizabeth who drank too many tequila slammers!
Staying overnight at the local Travel lodge, me, my dad, Jon(my brother) and his partner Robin the next morning had a good hearty breakfast at the local Sainsbury's, and then walked around Hereford city centre for a couple of hours.
I took a few photos of the city's understated cathedral, and a statue of Edward Elgar, Hereford and Worcestershire most famous cyclist/composer.

Returning to my auntie's house at around 12.00pm, as usual with family celebrations more food and drink was consumed.
We finally left Hereford late in the afternoon, after saying goodbye to the family, and returning home to Leicester via the motorways, and watching the wacky races in front of me while driving home!
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