Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Thornton Wag, Bats and Unf***inglievable!

Following a phone call from John Hague about a Yellow Wagtail at Thornton Res, I made my way to the reservoir via the weekly food shop at Morrison's.
Parking at the small car park at the opposite end to Thornton village, I met Mark Skev just along the track, as he was trying to take a photo of the local Little Owls.
Although the Little Owls were not showing, I did pick up the male Brambling, which John had found earlier and was showing well in trees further along the track.
Mark took a few shots of the bird until it flew off up to the nearby hedge.Following this sighting Mark showed me the Yellow Wagtail which was in the nearby Cattle field, with at least one White Wagtail and a good number (c.25) of Pied Wagtails.

With time pressing, I left Thornton Res, had a quick tea, and then picked up John, to go to the LRWT ( Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust) Leicester group meeting.
The talk was about Leicestershire Bats by Nathalie Cossa, and was really interesting, and we even had the chance to see Common Pipistrelle, Brown long-eared and Noctule Bat at very close quarters.

After the meeting had finished,myself and John went to our favourite local watering hole (The Crit for short) for a few drinks.
Whilst taking part in the music quiz, I got a text message from Mark Skev, about the Liverpool v Arsenal Champions league match,and found out that Liverpool had won 4-2!
Maybe it was a good idea I didn't watch the match, as I would have probably have no finger nails by now?
Following the match we then came second in the music quiz, and was an excellent end to a good afternoon's birding and a very entertaining evening.
Bird photos supplied by Mark Skev and John Hague, cheers chaps!
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