Thursday, 10 April 2008

Beacon Hill spring migrants part 2.

With John Hague leaving me a message on my phone in the morning just before work, about that Andrew Cliff had just found three Ring Ouzels in the fields opposite the top car park at Beacon Hill.
As I couldn't do anything until I had finished work, I didn't get to Beacon Hill until 5.00pm, were I met John by the track overlooking the cattle fields at the top car park.
John let me know that the Ring Ouzels had not been seen for at least three hours, but the fields did have three Wheatears (a male and two females), and a beautiful looking male Redstart in then.
Although all the birds were a bit distant, the weather made it very difficult to take any digiscope shots.
Over the next hour I check the surrounding area for the Ouzels, but my luck was out, as there was no sign of the birds.
On the way home,I checked out Cropston Reservoir, and finally saw a couple of House Martins hawking over the reservoir, with a mixed flock of Sand Martins and Swallows.
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