Friday, 9 January 2009

Brent Goose OMF Soar Valley List!!!

Following another text message this afternoon from John Hague via Ben Croxtall to tell us that a Dark Belllied Brent Goose had joined the Geese flock down at Wanlip North GPs floodplain.
This was a MEGA bird for the Soar Valley recording area, so as you can imagine I drove pretty quick to get to the floodplain before it got too dark.
Parking by Cossington Mill, I soon joined Ben and Steve Lister who were watching the Goose.
Looking over the floodplain from the footpath, the Brent Goose was slowly feeding with a group of at least fifteen White-Fronted Geese and good numbers of Greylags and Canada Geese.
I punched the air after seeing the bird as this was a tick for me on my local patch.
Allen Pocock then joined us as we scanned the flock, and then suddenly Steve found a Egyptian Goose further right of the flock, and we all stated that who needs to go Norfolk when you get an assortment of geese on your doorstop!!
The Egyptian Goose was also a good bird for the Soar Valley (maybe one record a year if you are lucky?) so I expect a few local birders will be down the Soar Valley in the next couple of days.
Walking back to the cars at Cossington Mill, Ben confirmed that the Juvenile Whooper Swan was still with the Mute Swans by the Mill.
If I get time tomorrow I will try and get some photos of the assorted Geese and hopefully the Whooper Swan?
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