Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Soar Valley Year List update......Pintail and a Pink-footed Goose!

Off from work today, so it was down the valley again. I checked out Watermead CP South and Birstall Meadows first. The highlights I saw included finally seeing the elusive male Pintail which was flying around the site following a large flock of wigeon until it settled on the flooded waters on Birstall Meadows. Ok you say what so special about the Pintail, well its a bit of a Mega in the Soar Valley as usually we only get a record once every five years.
I let John Hague know about it as I think he still needs Pintail for his Soar Valley list?
As the winter chill has finally release its grip it was also good to note a couple of calling Chiffchaff in the surrounding vegetation.
Moving on to Wanlip North Lakes, and walking a short distance from the car I noticed the Geese flock next to the horse paddocks. Scanning the flock I noticed straight away that it contained a smart looking Pink-footed Goose, Get In!!
So another bird on the Soar Valley list, I slowly moved closer to get a record shot of the bird, but as usual the Geese flock flew off and back onto the flooded fields. Although the Pink-Foot was of unknown origin I let John know about the sighting.
Moving further along the footpath I scanned the fields and noted that the Greylag flock was over 300 birds strong and held good numbers of Wigeon, Tufted Duck and Teal.
My final port of call was Cossington Meadows but surprisingly nothing of note was recorded, although I must admit I did leave before it got dark so may have missed the Shorties and Barn Owls.
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