Monday, 21 June 2010

Leicestershire Orchids: Southern Marsh Orchids, Common Spotted Orchids,Heath Spotted Orchids and some hybrids!

Following some info from Andrew Allen, I checked out a new site for me near the A42 Ashby roundabout on a former opencast pit site.
Walking around this former industrial site the one thing I did notice was the thousands and thousands of Southern Marsh Orchids,Common Spotted Orchids,Heath Spotted Orchids and there hybrids! Some of the plants were at least two foot tall!!
I also noted a few calcareous-type plants like Yellow-wort and Greater Knapweed which is actually quite rare on this side of the county.
I also noted some orchids which did look very much like Northern Marsh Orchid, but I need to do some research on them as this could be a new record for the county?!
With the numbers of Orchids and the rich calcareous flora I will contact LRWT about this site and just wonder if it's on there radar or not?!

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