Wednesday, 9 June 2010

So close yet so far! White Helleborine and Fly Orchid near Leicestershire!!

With info from fellow orchid hunters Andy Warne and Brian Laney I checked out a couple of sites very close to Leicestershire border. The first site I went to was East Carlton CP just west of Corby for White Helleborines.
With excellent directions from Andy I soon found at least 30 plants under the nearby Beech trees and surrounding vegetation in the south-east corner of the park. As usual I took a number of photos of this understated orchid.
The next site on my evening trip was Wakerley Woods which is just east of Wakerley village and about a mile over the border from Rutland. The orchid I was looking for was Fly Orchid.
Over the next hour or so it took me ages to find the orchids as I parked in the wrong place and miss read the directions from Brian and Andy. Walking along the verge next to the wood I finally found a orchid in the form of a Greater Butterfly Orchid, and then realised I must be in the right place? Retracing my steps with help of the directions I finally stumbled across two Fly Orchids just inside the wood from the roadside verge.
As my Nikon coolpix had ran out of battery power at East Carlton CP, I had to take photos of the Fly Orchids via my mobile phone!
Although I got very wet during the evening it pleasing to find two orchids very close to home and just wished the sites were a couple of miles the other side of the county boundary!!
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