Saturday, 1 January 2011

This year I will be.....

This year I will be mostly checking out under watched sites in Leicestershire!.....
So with this resolution ringing in my ears I went out this morning, with my old man,Jon my brother and his partner Robin to Burrough Hill CP for a walk around the hill fort.
Well to cut a long story short, walking back to car I scanned the trees next to the toilet feeders for hopefully a few Tree Sparrows, but noticed almost straight away a Hawfinch sitting in the furthest tree. Result: GET IN!!
Showing the bird to my family I realised that it was just too far to get a decent record shot and any way I had left my camera in the car!
As usual I quickly got the news out and scanned the trees again with the Hawfinch still there and noted good numbers of finch species and the odd Tree Sparrow on the bird feeders.
Happy with the views we returned to car and you could say a good start to the New Year!!

Happy New Year to my friends and followers to my blog!
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