Friday, 15 February 2008

National Chip Week

Over this last week, it has been National Chip Week (check out the link Love Chips), so this evening I will par take in eating some fish and chips from the local chippy.

Some chip facts for you:

1 out of every 4 British potatoes are made into chips - that's approximately 1 1/4 million tonnes every year.

Thick chips absorb less oil than thin ones; so chunky chips are a healthier option.

Given the popularity of the classic British dish, it’s no surprise that across the UK there are 11,000 fish and chip shops!

If you laid all the British potatoes that are turned into chips every year end to end they would stretch around the world 76 times!

It would take an area the size of 56,000 Wembley Stadium football pitches to grow all the potatoes needed for the chips consumed in Great Britain each year.

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