Friday, 9 May 2008

Cossington Meadows Osprey and Wood Sand Hooray!!

Yesterday evening was a good time to be down at Cossington Meadows, as at around 6.00pm I had an Osprey flying over Plover meadow being mobbed by a number of birds. The Osprey slowly drifted south towards Cossington South/Wanlip North GPs, and was noted to briefly hover over the pits trying to catch a fish! (This sighting was a local patch tick for yours truly).Following this sighting, ten minutes later while scanning the Plover meadow, I found a summer-plumaged Wood Sandpiper feeding at the muddy edges.
Wood Sand's is one of my favourite waders, so to find one in summer plumage on your local patch is an added bonus.
Other sightings on Plover meadow included the usual waders, and up to five recently hatched Lapwing chicks which was good to see.
In conclusion, this was probably the best half an hour of birding down Cossington Meadows I've had for a couple years, and continues the Soar Valley excellent run of form of turning up unusual birds!
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