Monday, 19 May 2008

My first Orchids of the year. 18th May 2008.

After checking out Burley fishponds in the morning for the very elusive Purple Heron, I drove over to Merry's Meadow LRWT near Cottesmore, to look for Green winged Orchid.
Walking up the track to the reserve, I spotted a small group of Grey Partridge and a fly over Yellow Wagtail (Hopefully breeding in the surrounding area).
Walking into the first field of the reserve, you could clearly see good numbers of Green winged Orchids, and I must have counted at least 500+ of these good looking plants.
As you would expect I took a few shots of the nearby orchids, and hopefully over the next three months I will try and find a few more orchids on my travels around the UK.
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