Friday, 23 May 2008

Mad dash for a Grey Plover! 22nd May 2008.

A quick phone call from John yesterday morning had me running around the office like a headless chicken, as a Grey Plover was on the upper marsh section at Cossington Meadows.
As my time was very limited in the afternoon and evening ( I had to see a client in the community and then work the late shift at the General hospital!), I made a mad dash to Cossington after finishing work in the community. With only half an hour spare between work commitments, parking by the reserve entrance, I jogged down the main track towards the upper marsh section. Stopping very briefly to look at a Four spotted Chaser (my first dragonfly of the year), I reached the upper marsh section in less than in ten minutes, and realised that I needed to get fit over the summer months and how stupid I was running for a Grey Plover on my local patch!
Scanning the pools at the Upper Marsh I quickly located the Grey Plover in the right hand corner,as it was trying to hide behind some vegetation. RESULT!
Walking back to the car at a slightly slower pace , I phoned John and Allen Pocock to let them know that the Plover was still on the marsh, and pleased that my year list for the Soar Valley was now just under 125 species ( 123 to be extact).
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